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Pet Memories

We have a remembrance page for your pets!

 Please feel free to share with us your memories and pictures.  The Pets that we have in our lives, not only bring us joy and laughter, they bring companionship and unconditional love, an understanding, and an unspoken bond.  When a Pet passes away, it is a member of the family that has passed, and i would like to share this passage with all who read this page;


 When God had made the Earth and Sky, the Flowers and Tree's

He then made all the Animals, the Fish, the Bird's and Bee's

And when at last he'd finished, not one was quite the same

He said "I'll walk this world of mine, and give each one  a name."

And so he travelled far and wide and everywhere he went,

A little creature followed him until his strength was spent.

When all were named upon the Earth and Sky and Sea,

The little creature said "Dear Lord, there's not one left for me".

Kindly the Father said to him, "I've left you to the End ,

I've turned my own name back to front and called you DOG, my Friend."


In memory of our loving German shepherd Max. Who passed away at home, on the 20th February 2009 aged 10 years while sleeping.

Our Max was rescued aged 14 months, from people who had abused him, and caused him harm. He didn't know how to play, or how to act around people when he came to live with us, but, Misty, taught him all she knew, and the years that followed, were full of love, friendship and devotion, and respect that worked both ways!

He had an open heart to all dogs, and welcomed several 'foster' dogs into our home. In October 2008, we decided that it was time to give a forever home to another, her name is Bracken and at 10 months old, she had so far had 2 homes.

Max with his fabulous temperament, made sure she was welcome, and in the short time they knew each other, became great companions to each other. He is missed so much, and I know, he was one in a million. We take some comfort in the knowledge that where he is now, he will be with Misty, chasing around the green grass, and laying in the streams. We will meet and walk together again my Max.

Good bye for now sweet pea. Love n hugs from Jo, Dan and Bracken xxx.



In loving memory of a wonderful Doberman, Sam born 6/10/95 passed away Feb 2006.


In loving memory of Dexter, who sadly passed away at the ripe age of 17 years! A true STAR. March 1988-Feb 2005 (17 years young)


We lost our German shepherd ‘Misty’, 3 years ago on the 8th November. She was 10 years old. There will never ever be another GSD like her, she was almost human! She was Dan’s best pal and mine & Max’s too! Here is a little picture of her.

We will meet again little girl! X X X Jo, Dan & Max

If you would like to send us your Pet Memories please email us with a photo and a passage of text about your pet and we will put it on our website for you.

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