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About Us

A lovely view from South YorkshireThe idea for J & D Pet Products was born after myself and my son had purchased a product for our Dog, and it turned out to be very un-Dog proof! There were parts inside that would have certainly led to serious health issues if we had not been vigilant!

We thought if this was what was being offered then something seriously needed doing to change that.

Along with having had a disability, I was finding getting sustainable employment impossible, after losing my job whilst recovering from a period of hospitalisation. So, time had come to do something about that also! I enrolled on a Business Start up course and the rest is history.

Both my son and I have a great passion when it comes to animals, both great and small! From the furriest Hamster (our dog Max would not agree, as it bit him on the nose!), to the largest horse, we feel the “aaah” factor. We hope to even sell toys for Horses and Ponies! There are people in this world as passionate as we are about animals and that is to us, what matters!

I strongly believe that first impressions matter, and if you do have any comments that you wish to share with us, both good and maybe, not so good, we would love to hear them!

Miss Ashford
Co. Founder & Owner
J & D Pet Products Uk

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